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African Letter Mappings (B,C,O,X,D,S,K,.)


New: If you have trouble getting midi to play on a Mac please see these links:

Check out the Doumbek Sound Font (by Donavon Lerman).

For you technical folks (or the curious) this page is based on a CGI script that generates and writes very simple MIDI files directly to your web browser. I wrote it in Perl one afternoon a long time ago. Click here to download the script. You will need perl to run it, so take a look here: CPAN, if you don't already have it. (It's free). Take a look at the top of the script for a note on how to run it.

Rhythm Key:

  • D Dum (right hand clear low tone)
  • T - Tek (right hand high crisp tone)
  • G - Grab (or Stop -- deadened, usually right hand)
  • K - Ka (left hand, sounds like Tek)
  • P - Pop (Ka while deadening head w/ other hand)
  • S - Slap
  • m - Alternate "Dum" (left hand low tone often muffled)
  • Use capitals for accented strikes


    This form returns a standard MIDI file marked as various MIME types. Your browser may already be able to play this type of file. Most sound cards on PCs and Macintoshes can play standard MIDI files. Try each of the MIME types ("audio/mid" is likely to work on a PC, "audio/midi" on a Mac, also try "audio/midi" for netscape if you have the audio plugin). If you cannot get any of these to automatically open a file or offer you the option to open the MIDI file then add a helper application for one of these types.

    On a Windows machine, MediaPlayer (MPLAYER) (which comes with Windows) can be used to play MIDI files if you sound card supports them. You may need to set your "MIDI Device Output" to go to the right place (check "MIDI Properties" or "Properties" in the "Device" menu in MPLAYER) -- .

    Also make sure that you don't have the volume turned all the way down for the MIDI channel of your sound card.

    If all else fails -- Email meEMail Jas Here and I'll try to give you a hand...


    Thanks to Jean Vaucher who improved my script and added some features.

    Check out the Doumbek Sound Font by Donavon Lerman.

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