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Here is a little program I wrote for the Palm Pilot that you can use in the field to practice your rhythms. Click below to get the application (You may have to do "save link as" from your browser since it probably doesn't deal with .prc files -- or use the zipped version):

USE AT YOUR OWN RISK -- VERY LITTLE TESTING HAS BEEN DONE on pilots other than my own Palm III -- although no one has reported any problems either.

  • 8.1.00 -- fixed freezing problem when playing rhythms at maximum tempo, added "double/half" editing feature
  • 7.3.99 -- fixed beaming problem

    Jas's DUMTEK Palm Pilot App
    ZIPPED Jas's DUMTEK Palm Pilot App

    Here is a text file (suitable for import into memo pad -- although you may have to split it into chunks...) and a DOC file (if you have a DOC reader) that contains a bunch of rhythms that you can cut and pasted into the DUMTEK application.

  • RHYLIST.TXT -- Middle Eastern rhythms in text format
  • RHYLIST.PRC -- Middle Eastern rhythms in DOC format
  • How to use it

    Type a rhythm into the field (or cut and paste from somewhere like the memo pad) and press play. At the moment only these characters do anything in the field:
    Sound: D, T, K, G, P, S, d, t, k, g, p, s
    Skipped: newline, carriage return, | (pipe)
    Space/Rest: anything else

    Djembe mode

    I added a Djembe mode that uses lower sounds and uses other letters:
    Sound: G, D, g, d, p, t
    If someone wants me to add sounds, let me know... or possibly suggest what I should do for other (non-ME) drumming notations....

    Have fun. Send me any bug reports....

    Screen Shot

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